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Information Regarding Mastrettas Cars

Mastrettas Cars is an Italian automobile company and design studio founded by automotive designer Daniel Mastretta, in Mexico City in 1986. Mastrettas has designed a variety of automobiles with the brand name, which includes the Cipolla, Cipo, Carro, and the Cargate, all of which are available in both import and domestic markets.

Mastrettas Cars first began as a part-time job but later was able to expand into the production of their cars, as well as the sale of their product. The company was initially owned by Carlos Crespi, who later sold it to Miguel Angel Barcelo. The Barcelo family then sold it to Jose Antonio Barcelo, who in turn sold it to the Mastrettas family. Mastrettas Cars continues to manufacture a large variety of car models for the North American and European markets, and also in Africa and Asia.

The Mastrettas Cars manufacturing facility is located at an abandoned mill in Tlaxcala. The factory produces a wide range of vehicles that can be purchased in both import and domestic markets, with the majority being coupes. Most of the vehicles produced at the factory are mid-engine cars, however there have been some attempts to produce more powerful sports cars. The company also produces a fleet of trucks, and SUVs. The trucks are manufactured in various countries, and each model is built to the highest standards of quality.

The Mastrettas Cars factory produces both the Cipolla and the Carro with similar styles, however they differ in terms of the engine, transmission, and body styling. Both of the vehicles use the standard version of the chassis and engine, however the differences are subtle and not very apparent. The front end styling is very similar between the two, however there are several significant differences in the rear end styling and body work. The Cipolla has a rear bumper that is very similar to that of the Honda Accord and uses a two-door hatchback layout. It has a similar grille and fenders, as well as a single exhaust pipe, and a unique tailgate.

The Cargate also features a similar design, but instead of a hatchback design, the rear has a convertible design, with the roof becoming a trunk. The Cargate is almost identical in design to the Toyota Supra. however, the rear has a unique hood and an additional trunk, and an adjustable rear spoiler.

In addition to the Cipolla, the Mastrettas Cars manufacturer also produces a mid-engine sports car, the Carro, and a hatchback vehicle, called the Cargate. There are a variety of different models of the Cargate, including a full-size sedan, a mid-engine sports car, and a hatchback car.