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Martin Brecht and Miguel De La Hoya

Mastretta cars has gained tremendous fame across the world in recent times. It has built some of the best high-performance racing cars of the recent past. The company has even set up its own racing team for road racing in addition to offering a line of luxury cars for the luxury automobile enthusiast.

In 1986, Martin Brecht and Miguel de la Hoya set off on the journey that would eventually become known as the “Mastretta mission.” Mastretta was formed by a pair of Mexican auto designers who had previously worked with General Motors in South America. Martin Brecht was a former engineer with Chrysler, who joined the company after a series of job moves. Miguel de la Hoya was an architect who founded the architecture firm responsible for the design of many major buildings.

Martin Brecht was responsible for the first designs that he designed for Mastretta, including a very successful run at building a low-cost sports car called the Jaguar XJ6. Miguel de la Hoya’s design career included the creation of the F1 race car that Michael Schumacher drove in the 1994 season.

Martin Brecht left the company in 1990 when Mastretta was bought by Volkswagen. After that point, Mastrettas began to build some of the most innovative and high performance sports cars around.

The first of Mastretta’s supercars was the RS6 that was featured on the late Michael Jackson’s famous Thriller album cover. That supercar was one of the fastest supercars on the planet for the time period in which it was released. Another well received car of that era was the RS7, which was the fastest production sports car at the time. Both of those cars, as well as others, were the focus of the famous TV show Top Gear.

Martin Brecht is no longer involved in the company but remains as a major shareholder. Miguel de la Hoya is now the sole owner of Mastretta and continues to lead the company in its pursuit of excellence.

Today, Mastretta Cars continues to build some of the most technologically advanced and luxurious supercars available on the market. These cars are designed to meet the demands of top-speed racers, as well as to offer the best ride and handling comfort of any car on the market today.

Martin Brecht and Miguel de la Hoya met while working together on the Jaguar XJ6. It was Martin Brecht, who introduced the concept of “shock absorption” in his own design. Shock absorption is the science of absorbing shocks so that the car can handle high G forces during high speed racing. Shock absorption allows the body of the car to maintain its stability, without losing control.

Miguel de la Hoya was responsible for many of the new features that were introduced in the mid-1990s, including the famous “Shocksport” system used on the Jaguar XJ6. Shock absorption systems used a series of four shock absorbers to absorb the shocks to prevent excessive body movement while cornering. He also developed a unique locking system for the steering system called “Cali flex,” which allowed the steering to have a lower center of gravity, and which reduced unsprung weight. He also contributed new technologies to the suspension and steering systems that are still used today.