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Mastretta Cars

Mastretta cars is an automotive design and production studio and company founded by Mexican car designer Daniel Mastretta in 1986. In the year 1988, the first cars were unveiled to the public and Mastretta himself took over as the president of this company.

Since its inception, Mastretta cars has been on a steady rise in recognition from different car enthusiasts and media personalities because of their unique designs and styling. These cars are also famous for the fact that they are the only car manufacturing company which is based in Mexico.

The Mastretta cars offer a unique approach in the area of engineering and production. This company is dedicated to creating high-performance cars that can compete with the best models from the other car makers around the world. The cars that are manufactured here have been proven to be very safe and reliable, and they are also known for their unique styling and color schemes.

As far as the design of these Mastrettas is concerned, it incorporates many elements that would be considered as classic. This includes the use of the latest technology in the manufacturing process of the cars. For instance, in case of the body designs, this company makes use of the revolutionary CAD/CAM system, which is one of the most efficient in the automobile industry today.

Mastretta cars also make use of various technologies in the production of the cars. This includes the use of lightweight materials in order to ensure that the cars are light and easy to push and also have excellent handling characteristics. Moreover, this car company also uses computer-aided manufacturing techniques in the production of the cars as well.

The company, which was initially founded by Daniel Mastretta has now grown in size to include a team of many other professionals. These professionals have been helping the company in the creation of new designs and concepts as well as the development of new technology.

To date, Mastretta cars offer cars of various types and sizes. Some of the most popular models of this company are the Mastretta Alectra, which is a five-door sedan, and the Mastretta Ciazareta which are a four-door sport utility vehicle. Another model of this company which is very popular among car enthusiasts is the Mastretta Ejecutto which is a two-door coupe and also the Mastretta Fritura which is a three-door station wagon.

Some of the most attractive features of Mastretta cars include the use of the latest technology in the manufacturing process. This includes the use of the CAD/CAM system and the use of lightweight materials in the production process. Apart from this, the company also uses new and advanced technologies such as air conditioning and electric doors.

Another great feature of Mastretta cars is that they use the latest in safety features such as air bags and safety belts in their automobiles. Apart from these, you will also find that these cars have many additional features like automatic seatbelts, traction control and suspension.